Blueberry Picking


We went back to the berry farm from a couple of weeks ago because they had all sort's of new produce to pick~ We were going to pick peas but for some reason they didn't bave them availible, maybe they got all picked out in the week prior. idk! so we picked blueberries and flowers instead! It was pretty hot (it's the middle of summer lol) so we brought umbrellas to stay in the shade which was a really good idea. It got really sweaty but we weren't out in the sun for too long so we survived without incedent and came home with our bountiful harvest!

Strawberry Picking


We went strawberry picking at Ward's Berry Farm! It was a pretty busy day because it was peak picking season but it was ok because it wasnt too hot and there were a ton of ripe little berries. The farm also had pigs and they really posed for my pictures lol! we went to a consignment store a couple of towns over after and saw some cool old stuff.

Graveyard Walk


We went for a long walk in a local cemetery and said hi to a bunch of dead people.

Tulip Picking


On the way home from getting groceries, my BF and I saw a sign that said "pick your own tulips!" So I just had to stop there!! It cost $20 for 10 tulips which was a little pricy but I was so excited for the experience that I probably would have dropped $30 if they had asked me to! It was a lot of fun and we picked black and pink and blood red tulips and made a goth little arrangement when we got home!

Museum of Fine Arts


The MFA had an exhibit called "Art in Bloom" where local garden clubs design a floral arrangement based on a piece of art! We went on the last day so some of the arrangements were a bit withered but there were still a lot of cool things to see!

Museum of Fine Arts


I went to the MFA in Boston with my BF and his family! There was a Hokusai exhibit that had a lot of his art, his apprentices' art and art inspired by his art! There were a lot of really cool woodblock prints and I got to learn more about the history of illegal porn art trading in Japan.

Valentines Day!

(02/14/2023:Kerny Mesa,CA)

Me and my BF went on a little Valentines date! We went to a store and found a My Melody blind box and through my expert guessing skills (and squishing the bag to feel the figure inside) we drew the figure that he wanted! Good Valentines day I'd say.

Natural History Museum

(02/06/2023:San Diego,CA)

The same friend from my aquarium day and I went to the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego. I Hadn't been to the area in a while, let alone the museum! I think the last time I went was when I was in middle or elementary school??? It was a lot of fun! Art museums are really fun for me as an artist with interest in so many different mediums because it surrounds me with art from all over the world that was made sometimes hundreds of years ago! Like people have just been making art/functional art forever!! I'm also a lover of taxidermy/preserved organisms and they had a whole room of those too!

Birch Aquarium

(01/19/2023:San Diego,CA)

A friend and I went to the Birch Aquarium! It was so much fun because I hadn't been to an aquarium in 6 or so years! We saw all sorts of funny fish and sea creatures :) Lots of fun!!


(01/16/2023:San Diego,CA)

I went to JolliBee for the first time with my friend! I got the chicken and a pineappple juice and I crave it all the time since then.

Cat Cluster

(12/16/2022:Canyon Country,CA)

Slapped a bunch of cats on an electrical box.

Cat Boy Swag

(12/15/2022:Simi Valley,CA)

Cat boy by the bunny girl.

Angel Slaps

(12/12/2022:Santa Clarita,CA)

Slaped the angel onto a dumpster.

Pasadena Date


We went on a little date to Pasadena today because we want to go to places we like before we leave. We got lunch at a really good Thai food place called Daisy Mint. I wanted to get their signature noodle dish but it was spicy so i got the peanut chicken satay instead and it was so good! I haven't been to a restaraunt that has a lunch special in like 4 years and it was really nice to get a big meal with extra goodies for way cheaper. The peanut sauce had coconut in it and there was a good sweet cucumber relish on the side. I'm going to have my leftovers for dinner too :) After, we went to the sanrio store (i forgot to take pics eek!) and I got some cute letter sets for pretty cheap. I'm excited to send them to my friends. We went to a cafe called Pillow Talk and I got a Matcha Mango drink with soy milk and then we got groceriws at H Mart! I'm excited because we got stuff to make dinner for friends this week so thats going to be a lot of fun. It was a really good little day! If we go back you'll know because I'll actually take a pic of the sanrio store and upload it to this entry lol.

Burbank Micro-Outing


I got lunch in Burbank! I still have trouble going out on my own but I wanted to challenge myself after so I went to Joanns to get some yarn and to get gas after lol. It rained a lot while i was driving which was super nice. I met a nice lady at Joanns who needed help picking out yarn colors. All in all it was really good and it was nice to get out and not have anything go wrong :)

Poor Materials Art Show

(11/18/2022:San Diego,CA)

Today (and also yesterday lol) we went to my friend's art show that they currated. It had art from a bunch of local artists from san diego who made art from all sorts of stuff with an emphasis on art from queer people and people of color. I got to put a zine in the zine library! They had a little zine corner with seats on the floor to read and an old crtv with a SNES where some people were playing Kirby Dream Land. I got to talk to my friend and see a lot of cool art. I left feeling really inspired to make art and help currate accessable queer spaces.

Hello Kitty VHS Screening

hello kitty plushs on a spiral staircase shirts and crochet from one of the vendors little bug statue made by a vendor from the event

(10/08/2022:Echo Park, CA)

Today we went to a Hello Kitty VHS screening at Whammy! Analog Micro Theater. They played a bunch of old Hello Kitty tapes from the fairytale series. The way Hello Kitty talks and reacts to things is so cute and watching it on VHS was really nostalgic. The people who hosted it also had a little area out front for vendors to sell art and homemade goods. I got a really tasty slice of a whole orange cake and some earl gray shortbread cookies to eat while we watched. It was fun to get dressed up and go to something, all the artists were really cool and agreed that there should be more tight knit artist communities in LA.